Woowe Brandthe new “vegan” and luxurious shoes produced in Italy. They can cost up to 400 euros per pair, but they are unique in their kind. Eco-sustainable and animal-free shoes, the brand’s line is produced with the processing of wooden foil. It was born three years ago from the idea of ​​Emanuele Persendi and Matteo Di Maggio, founders of the brand. The brand has received from the Anti Vivisection League, the classification “VVV +“, the highest recognition for all companies which do not use any material of animal origin. Each model is different from the other, as the tree trunk from which they are born are.

The uniqueness of the idea.

The idea arises from responding to the need to give a concrete answer to a current and much discussed issue. Protecting the environment also in the footwear sector. The footwear production is in Lombardy in Vigevano, in the province of Pavia.

But what is the material used?

The main material is wood, one of a kind and different from the classic leather of other shoes. The models are varied and cover a complete collection. From classic to sporty, from pointed toe décolleté with 10 heel to ballet flats, from sandals to sneakers. But the producers have not only thought about women, there is also a men’s collection.

The word to the creators.

“The productive journey of Woowe Brand footwear begins in the ethical forests. For every pair of shoes sold, two trees are planted around the world. Maple, cherry and ebony are the three starting plants. Buyers, via the Tree Nation website, can see where the tree was planted and follow its growth. A real long-distance adoption “.

Design and attention to detail …

The design and attention to detail of Woowe Brand footwear are combined with eco-sustainability. The foils used for the “vegan shoes” are cut, processed thanks to a micro laser and are coupled with a 100% ecoteck cotton. From the processing comes a product defined as “cruelty free“, that is, not tested on animals. In addition to wood and cotton, cork and recycled products such as satin are also used for the production. Thanks to the unique woodworking, with original and unique grain that cannot be replicated, the attention to detail and precision make these shoes unique and inimitable.


「モーダ・イタリア展」「シューズ・フロム・イタリー展」開幕、サステナブルアイテムに注目 「第56回 モーダ・イタリア展&第66回 シューズ・フロム・イタリー展 2020-21秋冬コレクション」が、2月4日の今日スタートした。ベルサール渋谷ガーデン1階とB1階を会場に、6日まで開催される。 両展示会には全139社が出展。世界の主要国際見本市に先駆けて、2020-21年秋冬コレクションを紹介し、日本国内のほか韓国、オーストラリア、ニュージーランドといった海外のバイヤーが招待されている。 会場はアパレル、レザー小物、シューズの3セクションで構成。イタリアの最新ファッションが展示され、各ブースでは初日から商談が活発に行われた。アパレルでは、アウターに特化したブランドが多数出展し、メタリックカラーのダウンジャケットやビビットカラーを用いたロングコートなど、存在感のあるデザインのアイテムが目立った。レザー小物とシューズでは、イタリアらしい洗練されたシンプルなデザインのほか、パイソン柄やファーをあしらったアイテムも並んだ。


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