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This year an important opportunity has arrived in the world of Woowe Brand: participation in the European Green Award 2022 which is organized annually by the non-profit organization European Institute of Applied Sustainability (EIAS). The mission of this important European contest is to find European ecological excellence and offer them international visibility.

In particular, young entrepreneurs are rewarded, architects of an important change, whose ideas and commitment are shown to leading experts, the public and the green community.

Woowe Brand is currently in the top 20 thanks to the three key points of its production:

  • Woowe Brand is currently in the top 20 thanks to the three key points of its production:
  • Production 4.0;
  • The entire supply chain is ISO-9001 certified.

This means that by purchasing a pair of Woowe shoes, two trees are planted in different parts in the
mondo e questo permette di aumentare la consapevolezza e il rispetto verso l’ambiente.

But that’s not all: even if it is a series production, the uniqueness of Woowe products is recognizable
thanks to the particular cut of the wood which, while maintaining its grain, makes each pair of shoes unique.

Speaking, however, of production 4.0, the brand’s goal is to reduce the use of paper through
innovative digitization processes, significantly reducing waste. Woowe Brand also encourages the
its customers to be an active part of this process, and invites them to return their span, lb used shoes to the Woowe company with the aim of recycling the material as much as possible and giving it new life.

Visit the European Green Award website to stay
updated, hoping to be able to celebrate a place on the podium together.

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