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Vigevano, the shop of vegan shoes: maple or cherry to wear

The Woowe Brand line is born from the processing of the wooden sheet: each pair is different from the other, they can cost 400 euros. “For every pair of shoes sold, two trees are planted around the world”

Eco-sustainable and animal free shoes. The Woowe Brand line was born from the processing of wooden foil: “Many call them vegan shoes even if not everyone likes the term”, says Emanuele Persendi, with Matteo Di Maggio founder of the brand that has obtained the “VVV +” classification from the Anti League. Vivisection, maximum recognition for companies that do not use animal-derived materials in any way. Each shoe model is different from the other because each tree trunk is different.

Persendi and Di Maggio are less than forty years old. The project of vegan and luxurious shoes (a pair can cost 400 euros) was born three years ago: “The idea responds to the need to give a concrete answer to environmental issues also in the footwear sector. The production is in Vigevano, the main material of the collection is wood, unique and very different from the classic leather. We have managed to create a complete collection ranging from ballet flats, to pointed toe pumps with heel 10, from sandals to unisex sneakers, up to a complete range in men’s footwear ».

It is precisely eco-sustainability, in addition to attention to detail and design, that have made it a unicum that is still unexplored. «The productive journey of Woowe Brand footwear – continue the two young entrepreneurs – begins in ethical forests. For every pair of shoes sold, two trees are planted around the world. Maple, cherry and ebony are the three starting plants. Buyers, via the Tree Nation website, can see where the tree was planted and follow its growth. A real long-distance adoption “. The foils are cut, processed with micro lasers and coupled with 100% ecoteck cotton. The final product is cruelty free. Cork, recycled satins and cotton are also used. The woodworking, the original grains that cannot be replicated in series, the precision and attention to detail are the elements that make each pair of “vegan” shoes unique.

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