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The start-up that produces vegan leather footwear by investing in technology and innovation

Sustainable, reusable and recyclable: the shoes of the future are necessarily like this. To anticipate what, in a few years, could become normality, even an Italian start-up that produces shoes… in wood. The entrepreneurs Matteo di Maggio and Emanuele Persendi present this new footwear model.

The Woowe Brand project was born from a twenty-year friendship. Combining their experience in the footwear and banking sectors, the two professionals decide to make an original contribution to an ambitious cause: a product that is sustainable for the environment, without sacrificing beauty, design and performance. This is how, for the production of wooden shoes, the brand chooses the Vigevano district, a well-known luxury footwear hub.

A project that begins with the raw material, consisting of sheets of fine wood such as walnut, cherry and maple. From here, an eco-leather is obtained which, processed and cut with a microlaser, is used in an innovative and, above all, sustainable way.

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