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Mod. RECY - Kids blue sneakers in maple wood vegan leather


Baby shoe without lacing, sneakers model. Ecological vegan shoes with upper in colored maple wood obtained with micro-laser processing and natural water-based dye. Soft and flexible upper.

Recy is available in different types of natural woodcherry, maple and walnut – or hand-colored (only in the maple version).Shoes for girls and boys also available in yellow, blue, pink and anthracite. Woowe children’s shoes feature a Memory insole and recycled rubber sole.

WOOWE shoes arehandcrafted and mainly by hand, in an ethical manner and respecting the environment.

Ecosustainable, recyclable materials, dyes and water-based glue are mainly used, in order to obtain above-average ecological shoes.

WOOWE Brand is totally cruelty free and enjoys the 3VVV + certification by Animal Free Fashion.



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