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New Classical Concept


The Plan


Woowe was born in Vigevano, an historic center of master shoemaker also known as hometown of “stilettoheel”. Since the 50s this city makes shoe models become iconic reference points in the shoes world.

We support continued research in terms of production materials and techniques, a high level production without the use of animal skin. This is “Woowe”. Our shoes are deprived from any type of animal derivatives and they are classified as VVV+, the best ethic level available in “Animal Free Fashion” rating. Woowe shoes are 100% cruelty free and all made in Italy.


About us


The idea on Woowe started in the post-world war II when Luigi ran again his job as shoemaker, a work left off to go to the front.

He created for small price high level handmade shoes with the aim to help his neighbors selling good and economic products, a very uncommon accessory at the time.

During the 60s his son Gloriano, now a teenager, spent in his father’s workshop every day fascinated by thework, simple but difficult at the same time. He falls in love the shoemaking world, a world based on artisanal work and human ingenuity, and he decided to continue the family tradition learning, sharpening and improving the father’s techniques.

Emanuele, Gloriano’s son, found it interesting in turn. He learned, like the best craftsmen, all the techniques with a special attention to details. A constant quest for perfection and the aim to create new products and concepts, pushed his shoes to another level. Environmental sustainability, the lack in the use of animal skin, attention to detail and design are the core principles of Woowe.

Woowe, Italian handmade experience at your feet.


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